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For Office Use Only BDVR-154 09/10 Section 4. Permissible Purposes for Obtaining Records and Information Check those that apply. Or herself or requesting in writing that the Secretary of State provide information pertaining to himself or herself to the individual s designee is to complete the Requesting Your Own Record form BDVR-153. A. Permissible reason A does not apply on this request form. Government agencies or individuals/business entities acting on behalf of a governmental agency in...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing bdvr 154
Music that is Keith Davidson at Albertson and Davidson in this video I'm going to cover the request for special notice this is a filing that you can do in a probate action and it will help ensure that you get notice of everything that occurs in that probate action there's times when you may not be legally required to be noticed based on what action somebody's taking in a probate case and it could be a probate case like a will or it could be a trust case anything that's filed in probate court there's times when you might be entitled to notice there might be times when you're not necessarily entitled to notice but once you file a request for special notice then you must receive notice of everything that's filed in that action so a lot of times we'll file this form just to make sure that we get notice of everything so we're gonna start by going in Google to the Judicial Council forms and we're going to go to the California Court website once there we're gonna click on probate decedent's estates and we're going to go down to form de 154 and this is our request for special notice the nice thing about the request for special notice is it's easy to file you just file it and whatever probate action you're interested in and once you do that then you'll be sure to get notice of everything so we're gonna start off by just filling in our information and if you're doing this and you don't have a lawyer you can just put your name and then put pro per after it if you are a lawyer then obviously you'll go ahead and put your bar number in this location and we'll put in the firm name as well and we'll put in the firm address and there's room over here for your telephone and fax number you always want to do that just to make sure that people can get ahold of you if they need to and then you're going to list out the court information so what court are you in and what is the street address for that court and the mailing address for that court you also need to put in the branch name if you know it and you can always go on the courts website and find all of this information for whatever court you're in and then you're gonna list out the name of the estate you're dealing with so we're gonna use the name Bob Smith a state of and they want to know is he a decedent conservative minor or trust so decedent means it's a will case has something to do with in a state or an intestate estate trust is obviously a trust case and then conservator your minor would be a guardianship matter so click whatever box is appropriate to you and then make sure you put in the case number it's really important that you file this form in the right case number because that's how the courts going to know that you require notice if you file this in the wrong case number nobody will know that you're entitled to notice so then you have to say that either I am a person...